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The BEAST Menu 5
The BEAST Menu 5
The BEAST Menu 5
The BEAST Menu 5
The BEAST Menu 5
Regular price $125.00

Y’all have been asking for it. Well, here it is!!!!

The BEAST is back!!

This 48 Hour Survival Ration is LOADED! Why else would we call it the BEAST?????


2 AFR Breakfasts (Bob’s Breakfast Bowl and the all new French Toast Bowl), 4 MRE/AFR Entrees (2 lunch and 2 dinner), 4 FRHs, 4 All Day Snacks, 4 Sides, 6 Desserts, 6 Cold Drink Mixes (2 Breakfast, 4 Standard), 2 Hot Drink Mixes, and a huge accessory kit! The accessory kit has 12 coffee, 12 Non Dairy Creamer, and 12 Coffee Packs. 

Only 50 made so grab one while you can. 

September Special AFR Chocolate French Toast Breakfast Bowl September Special AFR Curry Chicken and Potato Stew September Special AFR Chicken Burrito

Brand new

September Special AFRs

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Medium Mystery Box
Medium Mystery Box
Regular price $60.00

Folks, due to the move, we are bringing back the Mystery Boxes. This box is 12” Long, 10” wide, and 8” Tall. 

It contains at least 2 complete rations with the remainder of the box being filled with components (Minotaur and US Military). 

Only 200 of these made and rumor on the street is that they won’t last for long. Order yours TODAY!

Vault Tek Survival Ration Brotherhood of Steel Ration Tomorrow War MRE Menu 3 Chicken Chunks White Cooked Tomorrow War MRE Menu 11 Lasagna Brotherhood of Steel Emergency Water

Brand new

Cosplay Rations

ALL of These Cosplay Props are Edible. Check Them Out Today.

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MRE Performance Readiness Bar
MRE Performance Readiness Bar
Regular price $4.50

The newest addition to US MREs is finally here. Grab yours while supplies last!

US MRE Menu 20 Hash Brown Potatoes with Bacon Peppers and Onion US MRE Menu 16 Chicken Burrito Bowl US MRE Menu 19 Beef Patty Jalapeño Pepper Jack US MRE Menu 6 Beef Taco US MRE Menu 2 Beef Shredded in BBQ Sauce

US Military MREs

US Military MREs

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The Titan Menu 6 The BEAST Menu 5 Minotaur MRE Beef Taco Minotaur MRE Variety Case Minotaur MRE Chicken Burrito Bowl

Minotaur Trading Company

Meals Ready to Eat

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August AFR Steak and Potatoes Au Gratin August Special AFR Bangers and Mash August AFR Scrambled Eggs Benedict AFR Arctic MORE August AFR Cajun Chicken and Broccoli Pasta

August Special

Arctic Field Rations

These AFRs are LIMITED to ONLY 100 of Each.

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MRE Performance Readiness Bar US MRE Applesauce Pound Cake TFF US MRE Zapplesauce US MRE Vanilla Pudding Dessert Powder US MRE Teriyaki Beef Stick

Brand new

US Military MRE Components

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Minotaur Pocket Survival First Aid Kit Minotaur Pocket Water Purification Kit Minotaur Pocket Survival Brew Kit Minotaur Pocket Survival Fire Kit Minotaur Pocket Survival Hygiene Kit

Brand new

Slide Top Pocket Survival Kits

Check out these awesome new Pocket Survival Kits. With the improved SLIDE TOP so they won’t come open in your pocket.

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THIS IS THE WAY 32 Ounce Cold Water Bottle Vault-Tec 26 Ounce Water Bottle Brotherhood of Steel 8 Oz Flask Nuka Cola 8 Oz Flask Zombie Apocalypse Water Bottle

Brand new

Cosplay Props

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Minotaur Accessory Kit Standard Minotaur Enhanced Accessory Kit Minotaur Retro Ration Accessory Kit

Brand new

Minotaur Accessory Kits

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First Aid Medical

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Minotaur Micro Survival Kit Minotaur Straw Filter Red Minotaur Straw Filter

Brand new

Survival Outdoor

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Cinnamon Maple Sprinkles Western BBQ Spice Lemon Pepper Seasoning Everything Bagel Seasoning Sesame Seeds

Minotaur Spices

Add a little kick to your rations with these awesome spices

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