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Please be advised that as of February 16th 2022, orders are taking between 8 and 10 Business days to fulfill and ship. Thank you for your support.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact (call or text) Bob directly at (502) 682-4388. Thank you.

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Ammo Can Cache Ration Survival Kit
Ammo Can Cache Ration Survival Kit
Ammo Can Cache Ration Survival Kit
Ammo Can Cache Ration Survival Kit
Ammo Can Cache Ration Survival Kit
Regular price $79.99

This ration/survival kit comes in an Ammo can which is air tight! Comes with 2 freeze dried canned entrees, 1 “C” unit, 2 drinks, 2 desserts, MRE spoon, tooth brush, and can opener! ONLY 10 WERE MADE! Order yours today!

Medium Mystery Box
Medium Mystery Box
Regular price $75.00

This box is 12” Long, 10” wide, and 8” Tall. 

We are moving again and have packed up everything in our warehouse into these Mystery Boxes. They are loaded with awesome ration components and survival and medical items. Enjoy.

Only 100 of these made and rumor on the street is that they won’t last for long. Order yours TODAY!

Vault Tek Survival Ration Brotherhood of Steel Ration Tomorrow War MRE Menu 3 Chicken Chunks White Cooked Tomorrow War MRE Menu 11 Lasagna Brotherhood of Steel Emergency Water

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Cosplay Rations

ALL of These Cosplay Props are Edible. Check Them Out Today.

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Vault-Tec 26 Ounce Water Bottle THIS IS THE WAY 32 Ounce Cold Water Bottle Brotherhood of Steel 8 Oz Flask Nuka Cola 8 Oz Flask Cosplay FEV II Virus from Fallout

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Cosplay Props

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MCI "C" Unit Minotaur Accessory Kit Standard Minotaur Enhanced Accessory Kit P-38 Can Opener

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Minotaur Accessory Kits

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Apollo 72 Hour Ration Survival Kit Minotaur Straw Filter Red Minotaur Straw Filter

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Survival Outdoor

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