Minotaur Mystery Box

Minotaur Mystery Box

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Holy WOW Batman! This is a 16”x10”x10” box LOADED with all kinds of stuff! We are packing 500 of these!

Each box will be completely full! Each box will contain a minimum of 3 complete meals from 2012 to present. 

Mothers items you might find in these boxes includes:

MRE Snacks, Entrees, Desserts, Sides, Drinks! 

Additionally, these box may contain items like the following:

Medical Supplies, Water Purification, Survival Flasks, Tactical Sporks, Fire starters, Mess Kits, and so much more!

We arenpacking 500 boxes and adding awesome prizes!

50- $10 Gift Cards, 50- $20 Guft Cards, 20- $50 Gift Cards

3 certificates for a ration a week for the rest of the year

1 certificate for TWO rations a week for the rest of the year. 

And a Grand Prize Certificate getting the winner 30 cases of MRES that they design! 360 Custom MREs with names and logo designed by the winner!!!

Grab YOUR Mystery Box today!