Zombie Apocalypse Water Bottle

Zombie Apocalypse Water Bottle

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Everyone knows that the key to surviving the Zombie Apocalypse is HYDRATION. What better way to stay hydrated than with your very own Zombie (blood  drenched) Apocalypse Water Bottle. 

Show your fellow survivors where you got all your fabulous rations and survival gear with this Hand Painted, Minotaur Trading Company Branded, 32 Ounce Stainless Steel Water Bottle. 

Keeps liquid cold for up to 12 HOURS! Each one is coated with FDA food safe epoxy for fade and scratch resistance. Please wash jug with warm, soapy water before use.  

While these are BPA Free, they are NOT dishwasher safe. Of course, who will have access to a dishwasher when the zombie horde is headed your way.?

Since each bottle is hand painted, no two are alike. Get yours today as supplies are limited.