Ration of the Month Club

Ration of the Month Club

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Welcome to the ration of the month club! A whole new world of rations awaits you, so sign up, sit back, and let our awesome rations come to your door!

We have worked to make this program as simple and easy as possible. Here's how it works.

Step One:

You sign up for the program and we send you a Ration of the Month Starter Kit. This kit includes item that can be used to enhance the rations we send you each month. Including items like Snacks, Drink Mixes, Specialty Coffees, Seasonings, and so much more.

Step Two:

Each month we will charge your card for $25.00 (Shipping Included for US Members) on the 3rd of the month.

Step Three:

We ship you that month's ration on the 10th of the month.

Step Four:

Feel free to cancel at any time without penalty.

For as long as you participate in the Ration of the Month Club you will receive unique rations every month. Each month a new and exciting ration will be sent to you. Rations could be single meals, 12 Hour Meals, 24 Hour Rations, Foreign Rations, Pilot Survival Rations, Lifeboat Survival Rations and So Much More.

Additional shipping fees may apply to International Members and may change from month to month. 

Thank you for joining the Ration of the Month