The Titan Menu 6

The Titan Menu 6

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The latest in our Freeze Dried Titan Rations is FINALLY here, while supplies last. There are ONLY 100 of these made, so don’t wait to get yours. 

The Freeze Dried Entrees Entrees Include:

Western Omelette Scramble, Three Meat Goulash, and Turkey Tetrazzini. 

Also included are:

2 AFR Sides, 2 All Day Snacks, 2 AFR Desserts, 3 Bread Items, 3 AFR Spreads, 3 Accessory Kits (spoon, wet wipe, coffee, sugar, non dairy creamer, candy, salt, and pepper), 1 US Military MRE Spoon, 3 Cold Drink Mixes, 1 Hot Drink Mix, 1 MRE Performance Readiness Bar, 1 Bottle (2 ounces) of Olive Oil, 1 Small Bottle of Seasoning, 10 Water Purification Tablets, 2 Tea Bags, 1 Tooth Brush, and 1 Tooth Paste. 

This is a completely AWESOME 24 Hour Freeze Dried Ration. Add this to your kit today! 

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